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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Free Gmail Invites

Yup, 50 free invites
[rowy loves you all, even if you don't C#]

I managed to set up Google Ads on my blog. Wasn't easy to make firefox and ie agree on a common template.

While strolling on the beach (yeah, I live at the beach. See my other blog), I've been cooking up some other really interesting C# projects (well, I'm still designing the recipe in my head). I was a bit pissed off about my console thingy - something like that already exists (thanks to Peter Jausovec for letting me know) but hey, there still are interesting things to do :D

Btw, for you guys out there... I'm giving out free Gmail invites. It's been nearly a year that I'm on Gmail, and I'm kinda tired of seeing all those invites... If you're interested, please leave a comment, or mail me at:

hehehe at gmail.com

[replace "hehehe" by "rowan.rishi" and "at" by "@"]
[you'll get the invite if you're smart enough to do that simple text replace]

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