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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I'm back!

Yes. I am back.

I'm starting uni this year (after much debating with my inner selves) , and... well I'm doing Business IT. I really wanted to Computer Science and Eng. course, but well... Business doesn't look bad. Besides, I've still got programming modules in that - OOP starts in Semester 2, and they'll most probably have us to write

cout << "Hello World";

during semester one. Oh well, who cares! It's coding, coding, coding!

I hope you guys registered for the Google Jam. And also for the TopCoder Open... this is going to be fun, fun, FUN! YEAH BABE!

Anyway, there's much to say about C#. I've written some nice apps lately, but well... I've run across a few problems. I think I might need to convert my code to C (yes, I know, it's blasphemy, but well) - I wrote this neat program called "WordSearch", which actually builds a tree out of a dictionary (a tree where each node is connected to 26 other nodes) - but anyway, the first time I ran it, that piece of crap filled 57 megs of my memory straight away! Fuck man... Well after much mem optimization, I managed to bring the number down to 52 megs (believe me, I tried many things - I used a byte instead of a char, I killed strings, I did everything!) - but then I got this neat program called the CLR Analyzer, which actually tells you which part of your program is taking space - and well... yeah... never mind about which part is taking the space. I just can't use a class for a node. I'm going for C for this project.

Where can you find freelance programmers? Where can freelance programmers sign up for serious projects? I need cash... like everybody in this world - heh. But where to get it? Hmm... My coding skills - are they worth anything in this world? I wonder.

I want to open up a business. You can't much in here by working as coder. Sick sad un-OOP world.