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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I'm back!

Yes. I am back.

I'm starting uni this year (after much debating with my inner selves) , and... well I'm doing Business IT. I really wanted to Computer Science and Eng. course, but well... Business doesn't look bad. Besides, I've still got programming modules in that - OOP starts in Semester 2, and they'll most probably have us to write

cout << "Hello World";

during semester one. Oh well, who cares! It's coding, coding, coding!

I hope you guys registered for the Google Jam. And also for the TopCoder Open... this is going to be fun, fun, FUN! YEAH BABE!

Anyway, there's much to say about C#. I've written some nice apps lately, but well... I've run across a few problems. I think I might need to convert my code to C (yes, I know, it's blasphemy, but well) - I wrote this neat program called "WordSearch", which actually builds a tree out of a dictionary (a tree where each node is connected to 26 other nodes) - but anyway, the first time I ran it, that piece of crap filled 57 megs of my memory straight away! Fuck man... Well after much mem optimization, I managed to bring the number down to 52 megs (believe me, I tried many things - I used a byte instead of a char, I killed strings, I did everything!) - but then I got this neat program called the CLR Analyzer, which actually tells you which part of your program is taking space - and well... yeah... never mind about which part is taking the space. I just can't use a class for a node. I'm going for C for this project.

Where can you find freelance programmers? Where can freelance programmers sign up for serious projects? I need cash... like everybody in this world - heh. But where to get it? Hmm... My coding skills - are they worth anything in this world? I wonder.

I want to open up a business. You can't much in here by working as coder. Sick sad un-OOP world.

actually wanted to tel rowan tht he is not a stoic guy as he pretends to be coz he is able to express his feelings for sm1... without any sort of difficulty.. And ur NT an introverted person! So, stop giving urself wrong attributes. While ths blog, its as if reading ur personal diary! I mean hw cn a person expose his life like ths...?
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