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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Popularity Checking Tool - And Random Thoughts

Find out if you're popular or not.
[Yay, my popularity is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001]

I was a little bit busy. I had homework to do, I had an assignment to complete and on top of that, I'm working on a freelance job, and I have 2 personal projects running. Which leaves me with plenty of free time to think about nonesense. I was wondering whether there's a way of measuring one's popularity. Of course, if you want to measure something, you need to have something else against which to compare the value.

I devised an ingenious (and perfectly flawed) means of finding out a person's popularity, which I decided to baptize (2 minutes ago) as the "Rowan-Dynamic-Popularity-Counter". Rowan, because it's my name. Dynamic, because it sounds cool, and popularity counter, because after performing the various hyper-complex mathematical calculations involving addition and division of whole numbers, you're left with a floating point value which represents an invividual's popularity, compared to another one.

Comparing your popularity won't work, if you're a "normal" individual. This technique of finding popularity is solely based on the number of web pages that contains your name. You need to be some kind of actor/actress, or singer or somebody who yields more than 1000 page results on search engines with your name being the exact keyword. Although it doesn't really represent real-world statistics, it does mirror popularity to a certain extent.

Well, yes. My RDPC (Rowan Dynamic Popularity Counter
(TM)) algorithm involves the use of search engines to count the number of results returned with exact matching keywords. Of course, because nothing is absolute in this universe, you have to compare the total number of results with a known celebrity's return results.

The use of multiple search engines will theoretically yield better results, if we consider that different search engines cover different parts of the internet (although this is not totally true).

I needed a lab rat. I found the name "Jaime Ray Newman" on IMDB. Turns out she stars in 2 episodes of SG-Atlantis. Maybe I should download those sometime soon... I tested her popularity against Nicole Kidman's:

[J] represents Jaime, [K] represents Nicole Kidman

[J] 44,400
[K] 5,790,000
-> 0.77%

[J] 1,163
[K] 802,235
-> 0.14%

[J] 2,560
[K] 10,300,000
-> 0.02%

all the web
[J] 1,150
[K] 4,690,000
-> 0.02%

Average: 0.24%

Jamie Ray Newman is therefore currently at 0.24% (18 Sep 05) of Nicole Kidman's popularity. Yep... Now time for automation. How about putting all of this into a little C# program that'll do the job for us, eh? Hehe... It'll be a totally useless program, but there's worse. Look what I found (quoted from http://www.tifareth.com/tpsy.html):

Tele Hypnosis Pro is a esoteric program that uses the occult power of your computer to influence people remotely; the program takes its root in the ancient qabalistic magick and the modern psychotronics, giving you an unvaluable tool to influence people remotely. The effect of the program is natural and progressive; that means that the effects are not sudden, so the person will never know that has been submitted to remote mind control; the effects are progressive, so for example, if you use TELE HYPNOSIS PRO to seduce remotely a woman that previously ignored you, the effects will be progressive, she will start to feel some attraction for you, that with the continue usage of the program, will become love, and finally, deep love; the effect is so natural that she will never suspect she was submitted to remote mind control; she will always think that she fell in love for you in a natural way.

I always thought I was a bit crazy. I really feel normal now. And I'm proud I can write fairly good English.

Coming up next week: A full tutorial on how to use the System.Occult namespace, and make use of the System.Occult.MindControl class. If you don't have the Occult namespace on your GAC, download the ODK (Occult Development Kit) from Microsoft. It's free.

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Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!
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Yo Rowan.. Keep going man!
Btw, nice to see another mru around :)
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